Leader in the mirror



“Everything changes. Everything is connected. Pay attention.” – Classic Buddhist teaching

Transformational Leadership is a new must nowadays! Today’s organisations are in a constant move in order to respond to the needs of unpredictable, continuously changing business environment. Every day is full of complex challenges, which require developing answers and solutions that are yet unknown. Today’s workforce is diverse with different needs and ambitions, therefore, the composition of teams are dynamically changing and uneven. Leaders must respond to these challenges in a way to expand their capacity to be, think and lead in a transformational way.

Benefits of TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP Executive Solution:

  • Have a well-defined and compelling vision for self and organisation and connect them to reality by identifying own preferred communication strategy
  • Create a new map of self as a Leader that suit the current business requirements
  • Have solutions how to fight your own ‘leadership demons’ (inner boundaries and saboteurs, own limitations) in order to be a successful and impactful leader
  • Implement an effective stakeholder management and learn how to apply constructive politics with light heart in order to remove outer barriers
  • Have systematic approach to keep focus and shared accountability to achieve business results
  • Learn how to lead with emotional intelligence and how to flex leadership styles to have greater impact on the environment
  • Build up a successful transformational team which will be a fort in the ongoing transformation

The 4 phases of becoming a TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER

  1. Shape – Vision to Reality
  2. Inspire – Being the Change: the inner work of the Transformational Leader
  3. Enable – Leadership in action – working with the inner and outer saboteurs
  4. Deliver – Building a Transformational Team, leading teams through transformations

Phase 1 –Shape - Vision to Reality (2-3 one-to-one sessions)

To avoid getting lost in the day-to-day business it is time to sharpen your focus on where you are heading to as a Leader in parallel withwhere your organisation is heading to. At the same time, it is important to have a clear picture about whose vision is really that you and your organisation is pursuing, and how to commit to that vision.This phase is about how to draw up a compelling vision for yourself as well as for your organisation and to connect it to the current reality by obtaining your people’s engagement.

Phase 2 –Inspire - Being the Change: the inner work for Transformational Leader (2-3 one-to-one sessions)

Driving the change as well as being in the middle of the change is not an easy task. It requires high level of awareness and discipline to be an OK leader not just a pretending one in the ongoing turmoil. It can also be rather challenging of looking at the dark side of the Transformational Leader, your inner boundaries and your leadership blind spots. This phase is helping you to create a new map of self as a Leader and step over your own limitations for being more inspirational.

Phase 3 – Enable - Leadership in Action- working with inner and outer saboteurs (2-3 one-to-one sessions)

To implement strategies leaders must pay a lot of attention to stakeholder management without letting their energy be driven away by internal politics. What gets in the way (inner & outer saboteurs) of delivering business results at the same time transforming the organisation in accordance with the desired vision in the continuously changing and complex business environment of today world? This phase is about managing complex stakeholder systems and utilising constructive politics in the light of working towards win-win solutions, without eliminating the power of accountability and the necessity of difficult decisions.

Phase 4 –Deliver - Building a Transformational Team, Leading teams through transformations (2-3 one-to-one sessions)

You don’t need to be a superhero; you should not be alone in the transformation. Now it is time to see how to build up a ‘dream team’ that help you succeed and how to engage people towards your future ambition. In this phase you will look into what leadership styles have greater impact on the environment and how to lead with emotional intelligence as a talent magnet and multiplier in order to have strong teams and dedicated people behind you.

Details of the process:

  • The solution consists of 10 executive one-to-one sessions
  • Each one-to-one session lasts 2 hours
  • Frequency of the sessions based on individual needs – up to a year. Sessions are recommended to take place at least on a monthly basis
  • The sessions can be done face to face or virtually
  • Access to free leadership resources: tools, articles, reflection guides
  • Unlimited e-mail availability


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