The wisdom of the modern teams


Overall Aim

This program is designed to build high-performing diverse and in many cases virtual teams that are committed to collective objectives, and consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation that produce superior results. It is a must for today’s leaders to be able to build such teams within not only a short period of time but in a constantly changing economic and business environment. This intensive and highly interactive workshop will lay the foundation of a high performing team with a detailed action plan for further development. The follow-up executive coaching will provide support for the leader to achieve sustainability and lead own high performing team by dedicating quality and efficient time for team leadership.


Detailed Objectives

  • Review vision, strategy, and team goals that require joint working
  • Clarify expectations of different stakeholder for the team
  • Better understand own and others’ behavioural styles, learn how to adapt to each other
  • Improve communication within the team by learning own and others’ preference
  • Learn the 4 dimensions of High Performing Teamwork and the Team Performance Curve
  • Raise team’s awareness of the current development stage of the team 
  • Identify natural team styles, strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on how the team co-create and carry out their work together in order to achieve outstanding business results
  • Explore how the team as a whole as well as individually engages the wider stakeholder systems
  • Establish key areas of teamwork to improve
  • Agree on the actions to enhance team performance

The above objectives are to be tailored to the need of the team based on preliminary consultation with Team Leader. Final objectives determine the length of the programme (1,5 or 2 days).

Pre-work Requirement


  1. Interview/consultation with Team Leader and/or HR Representative
  2. Individual Talent Insights Executive Report readback consultations and High Performing Team interview
  3. Workshop facilitation (1,5 or 2 days)
  4. Follow-up one-to-one executive supporting process to Team Leader


  • 2 hours consultation with Team Leader
  • 1 hour individual consultation per team member  (2 days)
  • min. 1,5 day – max. 2 days workshop facilitation
  • 6 x 1,5 hourswithin 6 months executive one-to-one sessions with Team Leader upon request


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