CRAFT LEADERSHIP Executive Solution

Sharpen the REAL LEADER in you


Business leaders have been facing more pressures than ever nowadays. They deal with rapidly changing markets, technologies and workforce; increased financial and legal scrutiny; whilst getting distant from their people due to enormous time pressure . . . and even more.

In order to meet the challenges of the unpredictable and continuously changing business environment, leaders must possess qualities like CREATIVITY, RESILIENCE, AGILITY, FOCUS and TRUST.



How visionary and innovative leader are you to drive competitive advantage in your organisation?


What is your approach towards the unexpected and stress? How do you manage the inner and outer turbulence of today’s world?


You must respond swiftly to the needs of the business (both people and market) in order to prosper the business.


How can you keep your focus on the strategic goals and key priorities under the current reality of heavy multitasking?


Trusted relationships are vital to effective leadership. How trustworthy are you as a leader? What strategy do you need to strengthen your influence and impact both internally and externally?


In the CRAFT LEADERSHIP executive solution leaders will unfold all the details of these 5 domains and answer the following two questions:

  • Inside:  Leader in you - What is your CRAFT?
  • Outside:  Leading your organisation - How do you steer your CRAFT?


Benefits of the CRAFT LEADERSHIP Executive Solution:

  • Assess self towards modern leadership qualities
  • Raise awareness of own leadership derailers and blind spots that are in hindrance
  • Clarify leadership vision and realign focus (of self and organisation)
  • Design and implement own resilience and renewal strategies as a leader
  • Define own brand as a leader both internally & externally
  • Develop strategy to build trusted relationships both inside and outside of the organisation
  • More effective mobilisation of CRAFT resources to achieve business goals


Details of the process:

  • The executive solution consists of 10 executive one-to-one sessions
  • Each one-to-one session lasts 2 hours
  • Frequency of the sessions based on individual needs up to a year. Sessions are recommended to take place at least on a monthly basis
  • The sessions can be done face to face or virtually
  • Access to free leadership resources: tools, articles, reflection guides
  • Unlimited e-mail availability


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