ADMISSION to and TRANSITION in C-SUITE Executive Solution

Create Your Leadership Signature Presence


Admission to and Transition in the C-Suite is not just another step up or move on the career ladder. It’s a commitment that brings long-term rewards and recognition for the individual and creates a lasting value with high impact and responsibility for the organisation; therefore, the decision on selecting the ONE must be thoroughly made. The question is what it takes to move to the top of the organisation chart? For C-Suite Executive Candidates it is equally important to work with discipline on both growing into a top role and preparing themselves for a successful admission.

The elements of the Executive Solution:

Business Case

How to create a winning (sustainable and strong) business case in a continuously changing business environment? Why you? What is your unique selling proposition?

Leadership Competencies

How to demonstrate required leadership competency criteria and verbalise strong evidences during an admission process and in the required documentations?

Admission Panel / Interview

What are the challenges an executive candidate can face during a C-Suite level admission process? (e.g. killer questions, behavioural triggers, hidden objections and agendas)

Leadership Brand

How to define and build an impactful leadership brand of self and demonstrate it within 10 minutes on the spot? Also strengthen the ability to elicit public trust as a face of the company.

Internal & External Network

Becoming a top executive you must have alliances, which support you with positive soundings and enhance your leadership power and visibility by having strong internal and external network at all levels (local, regional and global).

Benefits of the Admission to and Transition in C-Suite Executive Solution:

  • Executive Candidates can be prepared in both languages (Hungarian and English)
  • Prepare and Strengthen Winning Business Case for promotion to executive position
  • Enhance visibility by refining a strong leadership brand internally and externally at various stakeholders
  • Build a strong internal and external network that support admission at local, regional and global level
  • Obtain supportive soundings through strong alliances
  • Create compelling vision for organisation and self as a top leader
  • Focus on leadership competencies of admission criteria
  • Learn how to demonstrate and verbalise evidences for required level of leadership competencies
  • Prepare for executive admission panel and interview
  • Practice mock panels/interviews and receive expert feedback
  • Handle challenging questions and manage self under pressure in the given moment

Details of the process:

  • The solution consists of 12 executive one-to-one sessions
  • Each one-to-one session lasts 2 hours
  • Frequency of the sessions based on individual needs, up to a year. Sessions are recommended to take place at least on a monthly basis.
  • Access to free leadership resources: tools, articles, reflection guides
  • Unlimited e-mail availability


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