Stability and being grounded

Our world has never been so turbulent if I look at the last year and a half. Don't think that the future will be any different. Uncertainty and the pace of change has never been so fast and will never be so slow.

It’s like you’re a tree and you’re standing in the middle of a storm, or a tornado. Or would you rather sit on the tree while the tree below you is being constantly shaken with full force. Which metaphor would resonate with you?

What helps you stay calm, and grounded in such turbulent, stormy times?

Because a battered leader who has lost his stability and energy cannot give security to his team or organization. They need safe environment to be able to focus and perform.

Senior executives believe that ‘loving family, strong human relationships, regular movement, inner integrity, spiritual peace, a strong set of values, know my why’ help them to stay calm, and grounded in these turbulent times.

What are the 5 most important things, values that help you be ok as a leader? To what extent can you cherish or live by these values? When and where do they get compromised, or pushed aside? .... Just ‘for this one project’, ‘only until I get the desired job’ or ‘only until this difficult / transitional period is over’ …… But you know what? It will always be like this, and projects, positions come and go constantly.

In addition to your values, your internal driving forces, the source of your passion are also important. You are only able to make the extra miles, generate and give extra energies, and can move mountains if and when your eyes sparkle. When you do things only out of responsibility and reliability your energy leaks constantly and very little recharging happens in your everyday life. As a professional leader, it is much easier to find your passion because it is your profession. But as an executive, a top leader what makes your eyes shine? What gives you the extra energy?

If the tree is being shaken, or if you are the tree in the middle of a tornado, these are the two things that can give you stability: your personal values, which make you grounded and your passion, your driving forces, which can help you mobilize extra energy to stand like a rock, and to renew yourself at the same time.

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