“I met Beáta at the Stretch Leadership & Management Conference the first time. Her speech was kind of eye-opening about blind spots and how it hinders one's ability to move forward. It was inspirational. We had a 10-session series of coaching after that - it helped me a lot. You know the feeling when you already kind of know what and how to do but somehow it does not happen or does not happen in a way that you wish for. Beáta could help me in that pretty much. What I did really like is how she responded to my situations and her ability to adopt to my style of leadership and vision and helped me achieve my goals in a way that was compatible with me.” András Szabó – CEO, iDATA Kft.

“Pragmatic and result oriented constant learning and transformation” - this is how I would sum-up our exciting one-and-a-half year co-working with Beáta that started in 2019. One could think that with couple of decades of experience gained at top companies behind, you have heard and done it all…except that by working with Beata you realize we are in a constantly changing environment that demands agility and flexibility to blend with experience.  Beata led me and the leadership team through a well-structured transformational leadership process starting with creating the leadership vision, identifying potential roadblocks and driving the change by developing consensus internally. As a result, the renewed leadership team on board applies new leadership style that predominantly contributed to the successful organizational transformation and to topline and bottom line results at the end. I am grateful for Beata’s support and I’m looking forward to our continued cooperation!"  Péter Pesthy – Managing Director, Linde Magyarország Anyagmozgatási Kft.

"Beáta’s determination to deliver value added executive coaching made our working together outstanding from the start. All our discussions were inspiring, motivating, and eye-opening.  She truly amazed me with her patience, attention, professional knowledge, genuine and always crystal-clear feedback. I highly recommend Beáta’s expert support to anyone who would like to fine-tune their leadership skills, especially in a transformational context. "  A.V. -  Global Director at an International Organization

“After working several years abroad, in 2017 I was given the opportunity to lead one of the biggest projects of MOL in Budapest. This project is not only a technical investment, but also preparation to enter into a new market (business development). The task and the business area was new for me, as I have never led such complex projects. Second of all I had to start working with new people and I had to build up all my relationships. I faced these challenges and I was – I still am - really committed to do it right, to complete this project with success, therefore I needed another point of view, a professional coach. When I started working with Bea I wanted to talk through how different challenges I had to face as a Project Director. Our sessions were different from standard coaching, as Bea provided me leadership development opportunities as well upon my request. She was really open and I took 3 main important messages with me.

  • The project I lead changes dynamically, and in this always changing atmosphere self-awareness and balance with yourself are extremely important. 
  • f I am okay with myself I am able to inspire and influence others. I received useful tips on how to be impactful and inspirational leader to fill the organization with positive energy.
  • Bea also helped a lot in stakeholder management, power leadership and service leadership.

The past year was valuable, helpful and I experience significant changes. I truly recommend Bea for everyone, but especially for those who are facing similar challenges. Thanks Bea!”  György Szűcs - MOL Group DS Strategic Projects Director

„I had been in a difficult situation as senior leader when I started to work with Beáta. We had very friendly atmosphere where I had been enjoyed working in very much. Her openness and honesty but also her focused professionalism helped me a lot during our journey. We used couple of useful tools what contributed to my better understanding of my personality and realize the areas where I should improve my leadership skills. Her question style and her challenges accurately addressed me helped me to be able to see things and perspectives in a way how I didn’t recognize before. By the end of my coaching exercise improved and developed myself a lot therefore, I am confident that this will help me in my future carrier too. It was my great pleasure she was my coach and I would strongly recommend Beáta.” Strausz György - Experienced Senior IT Leader, Vice President of Hungarian CIO Association (VISZ)

"It has been a challenge moving from an executive role to an advisory role as an entrepreneur, and there’s so much to learn, but I’m excited about this new direction my career is taking. Beata helped me to clarify some of my personal and career objectives, to make regular self-reflection and she has confronted me with some of my old patterns which negatively affected my development. She gave me valuable time to concentrate on the bigger picture with the realisation that small adjustments can have major effects. I also learned that sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and we need to appreciate the work we do. Beata helped me build my confidence, realise my potential and work through my goals. Receiving support and encouragement from her has been invaluable through a significant career transition.  I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to disrupt his career and needs a sparring partner in career transition." Gyöngyvér Martin - HRLead, Austria

„Beátát egy éve ismerve egy határozott, öntudatos executive coachot ismertem meg, aki empátiájával, alapos szaktudásával és profi coaching ismereteivel fordul ügyfeleihez. Tartalmas, ötletekkel teli, gondolatébresztő volt az együttműködés vele. Közös munkánkat az indokolta, hogy akkortájt több területen jelentős változások előtt, illetve részben kellős közepén voltam. Munkában gazdasági területről üzleti területre terveztem lépni, munkavállalói menedzsment oldalról pedig tulajdonosi szerepkörre és az azzal kapcsolatos felelősségi körökre készültem, melyet kiegészítve még a gyerekvállalással kapcsolatos feladatok/felelősségek is megjelentek. Tudtam, hogy alapvetően sok mindent jól csinálok, jól gondolom, illetve alapvetően tisztában éreztem magam a gyengeségeimmel, erősségeimmel. Mindezzel együtt úgy voltam, hogy lehetnek csőlátásmódjaim, illetve jó pap is holtig tanul, szóval mivel nagy feladatok előtt álltam ezért úgy voltam vele, hogy világmegváltó gondolatokat már valószínűleg nem fogok kapni, de azok a bizonyos apróságok is sokat jelenthetnek, amivel egy-egy másik nézőpontot is kapok, és ezeken a területeken már apró előrelépések is nagy sikerként könyvelhetőek el. Alapvetően ezt is kaptam végül Beátától, hogy nagyrészt egyeztek látásmódjaink, de sokszor volt 1-2 apróbb dolog, amire rávilágított, amitől többnek érzem magam. Köszönöm ezt az elmúlt egy évet, melynek mentén úgy érzem jelentős lépéseket tettem (tettünk közösen) céljaim eléréséhez, melyeket még nem most értem el, de látom az oda vezető utat.” Hartmann István – Vezérigazgató, Delta Csoport

"If someone believes that coaching is rather a soft, qualitative, difficult to measure type of HR support „tool”, than he/ she should definitely get to know Beata. She will for sure reframe this belief with her professional approach and unique coaching methods. Her programs are must haves for all leaders who are facing the challenges of today’s ever changing, complex and ambiguous world, who want to be more resilient, handle challenges better and be more successful in leading, inspiring their teams.

She is very focused and determined to give you real, tangible added value.  She helps you define very specifically your objectives, to have a clear picture in your mind what you want – and how you want to measure it. You get started from this one-pager plan with clear milestones in your hand and she walks you through the sessions very rigorously and consciously to reach your goal.

Her sessions – accompanied with a nice coffee and cake - are dynamic, full of two-way conversations, every one of them combining her vast experience in coaching leaders and business executives. She has a unique ability to reframe old/ non useful mental schemes as well as to (re)describe situations in a vivid, tangible way – that one can refer back months and years later. She comes prepared to the sessions and expects you to come prepared too. She is extremely efficient, digs deep, her questions/ remarks are spot on and highly inspiring.  I warmly recommend her for everyone who wants to become a better leader and have more performing, better teams and organisation." Boglárka Dezse - Managing Director, Sodexo Benefits & Reward Services Hungary

“We have a tight work with Beata in the last couple of years. We went through several stages in my personal improvement journey. We started the Transformational Leadership agenda and the way to implement it into daily routine. She helped me in the preparation during top leader selection process and then also taking important role of my on boarding months as managing director. Different tasks but same high level support.

Working with her was so obvious from the very beginning. She created a friendly atmosphere with questions, examples, proper timing etc. but in the meanwhile always challenged me and guided towards through very hard exercises and conversations. She has refreshing mindset and style which helped me prioritize and forced me keep focus. She has provided a right balance having fun and giving feedback in a relentlessly straightforward way. So useful approach. I have learnt a lot during this period and also earned some tangible results in my work which could be easily linked to the effort we made. Thanks for that great contribution, so professional!”  Zoltán Czibók – Managing Director, DXC Technology

“In the past 12 month I have been working together with Beata on further developing my personal leadership brand. Our sessions included creative discussions where we successfully mapped and analysed the current level of my professional and personal maturity. By the objective feedback she provided on a continuous basis, and by raising the right questions in the right time she enabled me to better understand and plan the way forward. Her passion, thorough experience, resilience, in depth knowledge, the broad horizon and the positive mindset made her authentic for me and added a real value whenever we arrived at tougher topics. Our lively conversations helped me focusing on the strategic side of the business life and achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency. It was a real pleasure to work together with her. I would certainly recommend her tailor made services to all business leaders who has ambitious goals to accomplish, and wants to start a journey to realize those goals.”  Andrea Dintsér - Regional Director, Marketing & Communication, and Collaboration & Knowledge Management, Multinational Professional Services Company

"With Beáta we had a 9 months cooperation where she acted as my Executive Leadership Coach. It was a quite long journey in terms of a job change process, transitioning after 12 years from a Big4 environment to the business world. Beáta helped and led me through the mindset change of what other aspects can be offered by a non-Big4 company, how to lead a stable team, what are the advantages of my current experience - professional, soft skills and leadership -, and what can support me to be successful in the new job. Thank you for your contribution to my personal improvements. Hope to working with you if there will be an opportunity." Nóra Berezvai - Statutory Leader Central Europe, GE Global Operations Finance

"During our coaching process with Beáta I have improved the business performance of Avers Fiber Ltd. I have worked on strategic thinking, leadership skills, specific goals, and motivation of colleagues to have a smarter, more agile and responsive organization.  Beáta is a great coaching professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve business efficiency through own self-development." Für-Kovács Adrienn - CEO, Avers Fiber Ltd.

“Beáta helped me as an Executive Coach to prepare for my Partner Admission Process. Her ability to connect real life examples to leadership competencies were an enormous value added in the process. Her persistence and focus questioning made me think deeper, in order to explore areas beyond the surface and helped me raise my awareness in various leadership competencies. She was supportive, fun to work with and challenging at the same time. Her understanding of systems, therefore, the organisational impact of a leader’s operation in both day-to-day business and assessment process provided me great opportunity to learn how to expand and flex my leadership styles. I can highly recommend Beáta for those leaders who are ready to make a shift in business and in their career.” Antal Kerekes - Partner, PwC

“Due to our nearly one-year-long cooperation with Beata in my coaching I can confidently say that it was her personality, her attention and her patient but definitely determined supervision which helped me a lot in bringing the maximum out of me by always touching the spot in a difficult period in both professional and personal aspects.  I was looking for a coach whose unquestionable professional curriculum vitae and whose helpful, unselfish and open personality gives credibility to the whole process.  I have found all these qualities in Beata which helped me to place every confidence in her, moreover, her routine that she gained during her job with top managers came especially in handy to me in situations when I had to manage uncomfortable, tender but exciting issues. This skill is inevitable in our rapidly, sometimes even radically changing business environment.  I can recommend Beata to anyone who is seeking a professional support with real experience with top managers, a coach who does her work without any arrogance and without encroaching on her client but supporting you by asking the appropriate questions in appropriate time and, at the same time, consequently making you report on your results in order to make you advance.”  Ferenc Fernezelyi - Commercial Director, Veolia Energia Magyarország Zrt.                          

“I contacted Bea 8 months ago, I was looking for help to overcome my most disturbing issues that blocked me in my progress at my workplace. Some of those were actually already very serious. At the end of our journey, I have found myself a lot more confident about these issues and most of them were either gone or moved to a much friendlier state. Bea's professional approach helped me to figure out the solutions easily, sometimes with the feeling that it was always in front of me. By asking the right questions at the right time, she was able to bring light to an endless looking tunnel. I am very glad and honoured that I could work with her - many thanks Bea!” Antal Pichler - IT Manager, PwC CEE

"I have worked with Beata for number of years, and recently, 2014 - 2015, very intensively on number of key regional projects at PwC. Beata significantly contributed to the design, delivery and follow up coaching activities of our brand new Director development centers. The feedback was amazing and as a result, many of our fresh directors chose Bea as their Executive Coach. Cooperation with Bea was always pleasant mainly because of 3 aspects: firstly, she always managed to create very open environment for collaboration; secondly she was amazing when it comes to design and project execution, and lastly, her coaching competence let our people believe in the change and personal impact. I am looking forward to every single opportunity of my future cooperation with Beata." Michal Corba, Senior Manager - Leader of CEE Business Skills Center of Excellence, PwC

"I would like to express my special thanks to you for your hard work and support that you have given me and a number of key colleagues within TLS.  Your coaching support to myself and others contributed significantly in shaping our business. Your honest and tactful communication, your good understanding of business development and action oriented approaches were important on this journey." Tamás Lőcsei, Partner - Service Line Leader, PwC

"I have been working with Beáta more than a year to shape and refine my leadership style. Each coaching session is very well structured and fun. Beáta applies different coaching tools and models designed to the given situation sophisticatedly and with ease. She has a unique sense to understand and identify the point of the different situations; therefore, the discussions during the sessions are very focused. What I particularly like that she could be pretty tough in challenging me meanwhile she gives me enough time and space for reflection and having my own thoughts and ideas come to surface. I strongly recommend her if someone is ready to learn and further develop leadership styles and capabilities in a very constructive and open atmosphere." Anita Mekler – Partner, PwC

“I had the opportunity to attend an action learning facilitator training, where Beáta had two special roles: she showed us how action learning fits into an organizaiton’s life, where and how it can be implemented as a new tool, and she also presented us some of the models and tools that can be used in action learning.  Beáta`s organisational experience as an internal coach, action learning facilitator, her knowledge of organizational behaviour, and her systematic approach were great assets during the course, and helped us, the participants, a lot to have a good understanding of the areas where action learning can contribute to the success and efficiency of an organization.  She also delivered a workshop on a coach club at Ericsson. This club provides space for our colleagues to discuss about coaching related topics, to experiment with new coaching tools, and to further develop as a coach. She run a session on goal setting, a great mixture of theory and practice.  In all these roles, she is easy to follow, with an interesting and efficient way of communicating, and supportive and nice attitude to others. She can create a great environment for learning and development!”  Tamara Szabó - Innovation driver, Internal Communication, Ericsson Hungary, R&D

"To be honest, at the beginning of the coaching process I was a bit sceptical how such conversations can help my development, but I gave it a chance. And now looking back I feel it was a very smart action to take. Beata guided me through a journey where I could recognise and formalise what are my fears and doubts which hinders me in achieving my goals. During the last year she helped me to realise how I can tackle all the obstacles one by one. Her systematic approach to "eat the elephant in pieces" transformed my mindset as well. Beata, thanks a lot!"  László Dobay - Senior Manager, PwC

"I have enjoyed working with Beata as she coached me with professionalism but friendliness, created an open and honest atmosphere where I could develop. I felt as if I was talking to a trusted friend who gave feedback, challenged me when necessary and through effective questioning and recapping guided me with wisdom and experience to reach joint conclusions. Throughout the series of coaching sessions I developed significantly, and I gained confidence in the coached areas and reached my objectives. I strongly recommend Beata, it has been pleasure working with her." Szilvia Kocsy - Strategic Project Manager, PwC London