Leadership Insights



The LEADERSHIP DEEP DIVE Series provides short but deep insights on various currently relevant leadership topics. These learning bites don’t beat about the bush. They are straight to the point, and real leadership essences for those leaders who have very limited time in the modern highly demanding business environment, but they want to succeed and advance.


  • Building Social Capital
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Engaging in Quality Conversations
  • Constructive Politics in Organisations
  • The Power of Real Goals
  • Leadership Presence
  • Global Acumen
  • Leadership Styles
  • Language of Leaders
  • Impact and Influence
  • Leadership Charisma
  • Behavioural Styles for Effective Communication

Benefits of the LEADERSHIP DEEP DIVE Series:

  • Obtain insights on various leadership topics of today’s leadership
  • Raise awareness of own operation within the chosen topics
  • Learn tools/techniques for practical everyday usage in each workshop
  • Share and address challenges of the particular topics
  • Design actions to move forward in attended topics

Details of the LEADERSHIP DEEP DIVE Series:

  • The programme consists of 6 mini workshops (lunch and learn sessions or leadership breakfast)
  • Each workshop lasts 3 hours
  • Maximum number of participants per workshop: 15 (it can be run for larger groups based on agreement, however, the format of the workshop will be changed accordingly)
  • The workshops can be attended in a series or a stand-alone event
  • The topics of the full programme are based on the needs of the business and request of the key stakeholders