Leading through paradoxes

According to Korn Ferry three trends influence leadership now and in the future: digital leadership, sharper paradoxes and cultural agility. Managing and leading through paradoxes requires a new approach in today VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.

Leaders need to balance often between two or even more competing demands, opposing and contradicting views at the same time. The complexity of the paradoxes are increasing. Leaders need to work through these and find the way forward. The challenges here is that there is no such thing as a right answer, and the only one right way forward. That can leave leaders with a sense of feeling unfinished, sometimes unsatisfied with their final decisions. This is very much about working with and in ambiguity. Nevertheless, you still need to move the business and perform. It can put enormous emotional pressure on leaders.

Organisational paradoxes

  • Global vs Local
  • Centralisation vs Decentralisation
  • Performance vs People
  • Quantitative vs Qualitative
  • Standardisation vs Customization
  • Accountability vs Collaboration

What capabilities can help leaders to manage and lead through these paradoxes?

  1. Questioning and listening skills to better understand the different and maybe very much valid views and standpoints of others
  2. Be able to do quick scenario planning
  3. Facilitation skills by leading through complex dialogues especially with opposing views
  4. Managing conflicts by seeing them as opportunities
  5. Bringing all the stakeholders together to the table and managing its complexity
  6. Connecting the dots
  7. Ability to zoom in and zoom out in an agile manner

The overall aim of Transformational Leadership Executive Coaching is to expand your leadership capacity to be, think and lead in a transformational way, which also means leading through paradoxes in the VUCA world. Receiving tools to navigate through these challenges can be a great value.

Which of the above paradoxes keep you awake?

Which of the above capabilities you need to focus on more to help you lead through these paradoxes?

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