Leadership Wisdoms on Change #3

Transformation and change can bring people together and can drive them apart as well. Your role as a leader is to do whatever necessary to make change happen with challenge, inspiration, and support or a complete rewire of self and the entire team for the future.

Whatever you do one thing is definite that on the one hand you have to build on what you’ve got, on the other hand you have to create space for the new.

Here I continue to share with you more of my thoughts triggered by Neil Scotton’s wisdoms on change:

Leaders who make a difference

 “We know that good leadership make all the difference.”  Many leadership gurus keep saying that leadership is not about a job title. It is about creating a future that is different from the past and make a positive impact on people. Some people have big titles but don’t do this. Some do this without any title. Your role as a leader is no longer only to create a vision for your organisation but create a future. Your role is to inspire and invite others to co-create. Your role is to support your people to create their future. Part of your leadership journey is about learning a lot by being around your people. Humbleness helps you to become the leader who makes a difference.

How can you create an environment where your people feel both inspired to contribute to the design of the future? What have you recently learned by being around your people?

Get the system in the room

“Systems tend to be self-healing; as the systems become more aware of itself as a whole, and the parts to become less attached to their own rightness, things shift.” When resolving a complex problems, there are many layers, many stakeholders and may perspectives involved. This called the ‘system’. When big change happen we become more aware of the parts of the system. We look at the parts, the ratio, the connections, and the interactions which affects each other. Your role as a leader to create an environment where this system awareness can arise, where people feel safe to shift the parts of the system around. The only way to do is to get the system in the room and you to become a facilitative leader. The process has to be experiential as you and your people need to think beyond and find new ways of connections and interactions, and let new parts into the system. This is never a by the book or a top-down exercise.

How can you become more of a facilitative leader?

From Expert Leader to Transformational Leader

Experts are often limited in their ability to tackle the most complex challenges and make big change happen. In many cases experts rise to the top by their being excellent in their field of specialties for example Chief Financial Officer. However, their expertise, their strengths limit and narrow their perspectives and relevance when it comes to complex changes. To make big change happen requires much wider set of competencies and perspectives. To become a Transformational Leader is a hard work, you have to step beyond your own limitation and your own strength. This is relevant for your teams and organisation as well.

Where is the expertise of your team helping and hindering change? How can you help your team to go beyond their expertise? How can you grow from Expert to Leader?


Source: The little book of making big change happen by Neil Scotton & Dr. Alister Scott, Coaching without Border workshop by Neil Scotton, Transformational Leadership Executive Coaching

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