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Learn how to be, think and lead in a transformational way. Why? Because “everything rises and falls on leadership”. John C. Maxwell

Becoming a Transformational Leader consists of 4 phases.

Dealing more effectively with organisational uncertainty and ambiguity today, executives need to be able to take time to stand back from the day-to-day race and force of current reality and engage more in a flexible and agile strategic thinking in order to understanding and constructively respond to emerging unpredictable issues and learn how to create the future for self and others. You cannot avoid and ignore this, otherwise you will be left behind. What I experience that very few top leaders carve enough time out to have such an important reflective thinking exercise. Even fewer have someone (a coach or a mentor) to think and talk through with.  This is the very first phase of becoming a Transformational Leader.

The other aspect of constant change and transformation requires leaders themselves to have a greater self-insight, awareness of their own personal thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Creating your new map of self as a leader and learning how to recreate it when necessary going forward. Why this is so important? Because you need to swim with the current of today turbulent business and societal reality. The other element here is to find your own supporting prop. No matter what, this will help you through in any adversity. This is where you stand like a rock. It will not only help you stay calm and be ok but remain true to yourself and authentic towards others.  This is the second phase of becoming a Transformational Leader.

These two forms the basis of Transformational Leadership by being and thinking in a transformational way.

You cannot lead effectively any change or transformation without building your own foundation as a Transformational Leader with the first two phases of Transformational Leadership. Only afterwards you can move to phase three and four to learn how to deal with the inner and outer saboteurs to change and transformation and creating your transformational leadership team that helps you to leverage your impact within the organisation and achieve the desired results.

Where are you on the journey of becoming a Transformational Leader?

I truly and strongly believe that NO top leader will be in executive position sooner or later in the future without having the capacity of being, thinking and leading in a transformational way a.k.a. becoming a Transformational Leader.

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