Develop your change muscle

Today world is a perfectly equipped Fitness Center for developing your change muscle.

So here's the idea. If you could change just one hour a week…..

  • What would you spend that hour doing more of?
  • What would you spend that hour doing less of?

Perhaps going…..

  • from control to empowerment,
  • from giving orders and directions to more giving context,
  • from indicators that are lagging (based on past performance), to current indicators (movement indicators) and further to leading indicators (future oriented, forward thinking)
  • from facts and figures that are reading from kind of dry PowerPoints and Excel spreadsheets to something emotionally resonant,
  • from hoarding information to sharing information,
  • from a fearful environment where people are worried about making mistakes to one of psychological safety,
  • from kind of a follow the leader mindset to much more of a follow the talent,
  • from not saying anything at all to having a feedback rich environment,
  • from telling people what to do to telling people what to create,
  • and from the notion, the assumption of peacetime, to much more preparation for the difficulties to come….?

What would you change?

How could you train your change muscle?

Focus only on one thing at a time! Because you can easily get paralyzed, if you try to change too many things at the same time.

It is exactly like in the real Fitness you start somewhere, you feel awkward, rigid, and clumsy, but after couple months’ time you realize how much more agile you are, with full of energy and you become more and more open and resourceful to unexpected changes. And you are not alone. There are fellow leaders in the very same Fitness Center, who feel and experience the same as you do. And there are also experts who can help you through this training day after day.

Strengthen and mobilize your change muscle!

Be the change to lead the change!

That is the only way you can inspire, lead and transform your organisation!

Should you wish to build your change muscle please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Source: Transformational Leadership Executive Coaching by Beáta Kalamár, World Business and Executive Coach Summit 2019 - Be Prepared: The Leader’s Role in Anticipating Strategic Inflection Points by Rita Gunther McGrath

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