Not so sexy although it is essential

What is it? - Consistency - How come? Consistency goes against flexibility, adaptability and agility, the flashy modern qualities leaders need to possess today in order to remain competitive.

But still


When I read it in the book called the Developing the Leader within You 2.0 written by John C. Maxwell it made me think.

Today world puts more emphasis on creating magic with visibility, agility, adaptability, and with instant solution, and quick wins instead of attending to your garden with laborious nurturing like consistency, reliability. This picture sounds weird, isn’t it?  But magic always wins over hard labour. At least today for sure. And that is the very sad case with consistency. Nevertheless, after many years of striving for consistency, the dividends can be EXTRAORDINARY.

There is a prerequisite to consistency: self-discipline. Because self-discipline makes consistency possible, otherwise our performance is fluctuating, uneven, and our achievements are more accidental than sustainable.

Consistency establishes your reputation

Because consistency makes people notice you. Because when you communicate both verbally and non-verbally the same messages, the same values, and the same qualities over and over again. After a while they will connect those messages, values and qualities to you. Your repetition becomes your reputation.

Consistency is a pre-requisite to excellence

Mastery at anything can only be achieved through repetitive and intentional pursuits in the chosen field for a long period of time. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a hard work, a journey which have several phases. You cannot skip any of it to jump straight to the top. You have to walk through it, learn through it, work hard through it with consistency. 

Consistency provides security to others

When people see your consistency, they can trust you more, they can predict you more and they can rely on you more. Because through your consistency you provide them with sense of stability, and circle of safety.

Consistency reinforces your vision and values

“Effective leadership is highly visual.” -  says John C. Maxwell. Why? People do what people see. Leaders are role-models of behaviours in their organisation. When the leader cuts the corners, his people will cut the corners. If the leader shows up late, her people show up late. So whatever behaviours the leaders demonstrate consistently their people will demonstrate those behaviour as well. That is the very reason I keep telling leaders that everything within their organisation is about leadership and team interaction with a big mirror.


Consistency compounds

“Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do only occasionally.” When you decide to spend for example 1 hour every day on your leadership development (e.g. reading books, articles, listening podcasts, watching videos, reflecting, writing, attaching coaching and training etc.) it will be 7 hours per week, 30 hours per month and 365 hours per year, and 1 825 hours / 76 days per 5 years. Imagine how far you can get, how much you can achieve and what impact you can have on others by (and if only) their watching your development, and even more if they come along with you.


  • In which areas do you want and decide to demonstrate consistency from now on?
  • For example, pick one where maybe wining comes easily, or identify one discipline you could practice to strengthen that area. Plan it, schedule it, and do follow-through consistently.
  • In what areas do you demonstrate consistency or lack of consistency maybe unconsciously? Have a look at your daily routine, tiny habits, or your way of operation. They are full of data about you and how consistent are you.
  • So have a look at your organisation, what do they mirror you back?
  • Who can provide you with feedback on your consistency efforts or lack of consistency?
  • How can you grow daily?


Source: Developing the Leader within You 2.0 by John C. Maxwell

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