The Lost Leader

- “Who am I without my top notch position?” cried out a tiny voice with frustration inside him while sitting at a café and pretending to be relaxed although his whole body was utterly tensed.

Maybe I deep down I know who I am, but in the last couple of years (or 20 years) I became the title and the position I possessed.

Maybe deep down I know what I want but I am waiting for a confirmation.

I had an inkling what is going to happen with me but I did not want to see it, therefore, I didn’t prepare myself for all the scenarios. And here I am lost.

I am just experiencing that without my position and title I feel out of place.

When I go to networking events all of a sudden I become less interesting and less sought after as time passes.

When did it happen that my top position and title has become my identity? People no longer see the real me, the person behind the well trained and constructed professional leader.

When I was advised to leave, I realized that at home there is no room for me, no story for me because all my focus was on the company goals and my family understandably filled the void.

When I all of sudden become the insignificance of here and now and keep mourning for the significance of my past. Because I am out of the system and I am waiting for someone to validate me and give me permission, which I have never ever needed.

I spent most of my days at work and therefore, I no longer have a hobby, friends, only business relations and agendas.

I don’t have a plan B. Everyone should have a plan B. Plan B is the big brother of Plan A. I was told it is ok to be successful in Plan A while I still have a Plan B, because today we live in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity. We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

When I am so focused on my current reality, I cannot see how my vast deal of competency could be adaptable in other areas of life, sectors, and businesses.

And I don’t want to become another angel or coach in the market, but then what…….? -

Now it is high time to create your own vision of the future (not your company’s one). A leader who has a strong personal identity, which does not depend on the company and position he holds, he can always make do.

  • How do you prepare yourself for the future? What is your own vision of future?
  • How do you build muscles that are adaptable for many fields?
  • How do you train yourself to be ok without your top position, and after many successes still have the courage to build up something different, new and original from scratch?
  • How do you renew yourself in order to stay relevant and competitive in the market?
  • And how to be ok in between top positions?

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